How To: Peel a Hard Boiled Egg the Cool Way

Peel a Hard Boiled Egg the Cool Way

Have you ever been stuck with a whole bunch of hard boiled eggs to peel? Hoping you got every little piece of shell taken off, so it doesn't get in your teeth or your guests? Well that craziness is over! I found the best way so you can get it done and finally get rid of all that hassle.

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That's badass i want to make some now :)

dude its one of the guys from epic meal time! i recognize the kitchen!

oops wrong kitchen lol

I have been doing that sinceI was 18 years old

That was pretty effin cool!!!

Where did you learn that from? You make me want to have egg salad sandwich right now! lol

I suck at peeling hard boiled eggs so I rarely make them. I totally have to try this!

I guess, if you wanna blow your germs all over everyone's eggs....

what if the egg will be eaten by other people, germs in your mouth will transfer to other's mouth. besides, what if you blew air many times, you will feel exhausted easily.. =/ but very good technique. =)

Im going to try it tomorrow morninng

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