How To: Make healthier deviled eggs

Make healthier deviled eggs

The "better deviled egg is renamed the "angel" egg. Boil as many eggs as you want to prepare. The ingredients you will need besides the eggs are: pickles (dilled are preferred) and humus. Take the hard-boiled egg and cut it lengthwise. Remove the yolk. Take a tablespoon of your humus and fill the egg white. Chop your dill pickle and put on top of the humus. That is how you make an "angel" egg. If you compare the "angel" eggs to the "deviled" eggs your nutritional facts would look like this: Angel eggs = 4 halves Deviled eggs = 4 halves 160 calories 288 calories 6g total fat 28g total fat 12g carbohydrates 2g carbohydrates 0g fiber 0g fiber 0g sugar .5g sugar 14g protein 12g protein Now you can see why they are called "angel" eggs.

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