How To: Cook eggs in the microwave

Cook eggs in the microwave

RobertMe shows viewers how to cook eggs in the microwave. First, you need to crack the eggs and put the yolk in a bowl. Next pour melted butter on a microwave safe plate. The best idea is to use a paper plate and pour your egg in the plate. Now, cover this with another paper plate. Put this plate and eggs in your microwave for 1 minute. You microwave make cook differently, so you'll have to test yours. Now, take out your plate with the eggs and put this back in the microwave for 15 more seconds and you have sunny sides eggs. To make an omelet beat up two eggs in a bowl and put in your ingredients to this bowl like cheese, meat and onions. Add in a thin square of butter. Cover this bowl with saran wrap. Cook this for 1 minute. Take your bowl out the microwave and stir it around. Now, cook this mix again for another minute. Now your eggs are perfectly cooked!

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