How To: Peel hardboiled eggs without peeling

Peel hardboiled eggs without peeling

Baking soda and blowing. Use the baking soda bath to loosen up the hard boiled egg from the shell. It's the secret to instantly peeling an egg without your fingers.

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it's added in when you're going to boil the eggs with water (the level of water is about 2 inches above the eggs).

to the boiling water

good,this video is wonderful

nanana this is bull

I boil 30 eggs at a time so how much baking soda

OMFG @ oneblondeboy69. About a bottle full :P

I would recommend that you lower your entire soda sack into the boiling water be sure your doin's are exactly two inches below the water's surface.

Nice technic! I never saw it before, it good to know general chemistry when cooking then. oneblondeboy69 just add the whole baking soda bottle! I guess the eggs will explode or something like that... lol

baking soda? what about vinegar? Acid from vinegar, will dissolve the carbonate in the eggshell, not a base like baking soda.

Ew so now you have saliva all over them, no thanks XD

Great hygiene. Is there a video on here about how to cure mass food poisoning from tainted egg salad at one of Tim's dinner parties?

I do this without having to add anything to the water, works just as well as it is.

I sure as hell wouldn't want to eat any eggs that someone else has had their mouth on and blown germs on!!!

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