News: Peel an egg with your mouth in less than one second

Peel an egg with your mouth in less than one second

Blowing an egg out of its shell is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

However, it's not quite as easy as a quick exhale into a fractured hard-boiled egg.

Opera singer or asthmatic, the trick of baking soda will make the blow much easier.

This video is a product of Timothy Ferriss, a podcasting entrepreneur who holds credentials as a National Chinese kickboxing champion and competitive "hurler".

Blow an egg

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it's added in when you're going to boil the eggs with water (the level of water is about 2 inches above the eggs).

to the boiling water

good,this video is wonderful

nanana this is bull

I boil 30 eggs at a time so how much baking soda

OMFG @ oneblondeboy69. About a bottle full :P

I would recommend that you lower your entire soda sack into the boiling water be sure your doin's are exactly two inches below the water's surface.

Nice technic! I never saw it before, it good to know general chemistry when cooking then. oneblondeboy69 just add the whole baking soda bottle! I guess the eggs will explode or something like that... lol

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