How To: Soft boil an egg

Soft boil an egg

The following are the things required to soft boil an egg:
Egg, a pin, sauce pan with cold water and a saucier spoon.

The following is the procedure to soft boil the egg:

1. First take the egg and put a hole on the bottom of the egg. This prevents splitting while cooking.
2. Put the egg in the sauce pan with cold water and start boiling it. Once it is out of stage, you need to keep it in the boiling water for 4minutes. The secret for a good and soft egg is perfect timing.
3. After 4minutes, take out the egg with the spoon and put it into the egg cup.
4. Use the tea spoon to crack the egg and take out the top portion of the egg.
You find the soft yellow egg inside which is perfect.

This is the way you get a soft boiled egg.

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