How To: Make a light & fluffy omelet

Make a light & fluffy omelet

Guys, you no longer have the excuse of not knowing how to cook because the chef from shows you how to make a fantastic light and fluffy omlete. Omletes are fast and easy and full of good ingredients and protein rich eggs,.

Things You'll Need: Small Frying Pan, Cooking Oil, Spatula, Plate

1. Use a small frying pan. The one you sauté your favorite vegetables in will suffice. The key to a fluffy omelet is the pan size. Use another small skillet to sauté your favorite vegetables. Add them to your omelet later.
2. Use cooking oil. Butter or cooking spray burns away quickly and leaves the egg sticking to the skillet. Add 1/3 cup of canola oil, vegetable oil or olive oil to the small skillet. Pour your battered egg into the pan. Turn the stove top burner onto the high setting.
3. Use the spatula and push the cooked egg to the center of the pan. Hold the handle of the skillet and tilt the pan slightly to allow uncooked battered egg to fall onto the hot skillet surface to cook. Allow egg to cook until it begins to expand up the sides of the skillet.
4. Lift the skillet off the burner. Using your wrist, move the skillet in a tiny circular motion to make sure the egg is not sticking to the skillet surface. The egg should move freely in the cooking oil. Continue with the tiny circular motion, and then quickly shove forward and up, flipping the omelet as it slides on the oil slicked skillet surface. Once it flips, you need to catch it with the skillet.
5. Let the egg cook on the flipped side for a minute and then turn the burner off. The egg will continue to cook completely as you add cheese or sautéed vegetables to the cooked side.
6. Set a plate on the counter and prepare to fold the cooked egg over the cheese and vegetables. Use the edge of the skillet to fold the omelet onto the plate as it slides out. Add slices of cheese and sautéed vegetables to the top of the fluffy omelet.

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