How to Make Indian food: Egg and cheese omelette

Egg and cheese omelette

Learn how to make an egg omelette following a few simple steps. The ingredients you will need is two eggs, salt, black pepper, cheese, oil, and slices of tomatoes and olives to use as a garnish. -Break the eggs into a bowl. -Beat the eggs really well. -Add one tbsp of water. Beat. -Add 1/2 tsp of salt. -A couple grinds of black pepper. -Use any kind of cheese you would like, grate. -Turn the stove on high heat and place pan over it, coat it with olive oil. -Once pan is ready, turn heat down to medium and put egg mixture into pan. -Let it cook for a couple of minutes, and flip. Should be golden brown. -Sprinkle grated cheese over omelette and fold the omelette. This helps the cheese to melt. -Once omelette is done place on a plate and add garnishes. Follow these steps and you will be eating in no time.

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