How To: Crack an egg

Crack an egg

Cracking an egg is a simple task once you have the technique down, so check out this video. Keep the shells out of your food!

No need to walk on eggshells if you're looking to make scrambled eggs or your favorite homemade cookies – take a crack at this simple task.

Step 1: Hold egg

Wash your hands and hold the egg in your favored hand between your middle finger and thumb, resting your first finger along the egg's side.

Step 2: Rap the egg

With one swift, decisive motion, rap the egg on a flat surface or the edge of the bowl or skillet to make a clean horizontal crack in the side of the egg.

TIP: Tapping softly several times causes the eggshell to break into smaller pieces, which means shell might end up in your meal.

Step 3: Separate egg

Use both of your thumbs to separate the shell on either side of the crack by pulling up and away at the crack.

Step 4: Drop egg into bowl

Let the contents of the egg fall into the bowl.

Step 5: Look for pieces of shell

Remove pieces of shell from the egg if necessary.

Did you know? Egg whites are low in saturated fat and cholesterol and high in protein.

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