How To: Cook an omelet, quick & easy

Cook an omelet, quick & easy

Prepare the eggs by rinsing off the shell under running water to remove any loose dirt or germs.

Crack the eggs into a plastic or glass bowl, drain the shells, and put the empties into the trash bin. Rinse your hands after handling the shells and raw egg yolk. Season the eggs with a mixture of lemon-pepper seasoning and salt. Add a teaspoon of water to the eggs.

Sauté to soften any vegetables (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms) or meats (chopped ham, turkey) that you are going use to cook an omelette. Do this before cooking the eggs.

Heat the omelette pan on medium to high heat. Once the pan becomes warm, but not smoking, lightly spray the pan with a coat of cooking spray and pour in the egg mixture. Use a coat of cooking spray even if the pan is non-stick. This keeps the egg from scorching when it touches the pan.

Gently pull the sides of the egg into the middle of the pan, one side at a time. This will allow the raw egg mixture to flow to the edges of the pan and cook. Rotate the pan so the eggs spread and cook evenly. Once the edges are done (they will be dry), you can begin slowly adding the sautéed vegetable or chopped meat mixture. Add it to one side of the omelette only.

Fold the opposite side of the egg mixture over the vegetables and lay it flat. It should resemble a half moon. Lift the omelette from the pan with a spatula and lay it flat on a plate. If the omelette is too thick or bulky, use a spatula to slide it from the pan onto a plate.

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