How To: Cook a cheese omelet

Cook a cheese omelet

Ingredients required:

1)3 eggs

2)Two types of cheese - Mexican blend and Italian

3)Frozen butter


First we need to break the eggs and beat them till they are evenly mixed, then we to keep the pan on the flame and then a full table spoon of butter on the pan, we have to wait till butter gets liquidized, then spread the mixed egg on the surface of the pan evenly, in-order for the bottom portion to cook properly so that we can turn the egg to the other side; after about 2 minutes sprinkle both the flavors of cheese over the egg, the quantity of cheese to be used depends on one's need; then fold the egg and turn the egg to other side, wait until the egg turns into golden brown color. Finally, if we wish, we can garnish the omelet. Now the cheesy omelet is ready to serve.

This video gives us a very easy guideline about how to cook delicious cheesy omelet.

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