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Forum Thread : How to Peel an Egg in 7 Seconds

This food hack involving boiled eggs is a fun and practical method of quickly peeling the egg shell of a boiled egg. The method involves the use of a jar and water. The video explains everything and a stopwatch is also utilized to support the claim. Video: .

Forum Thread : How to Prepare a Proper Egg Roll?

A quick guide to preparation of a tasty and easy to make egg roll. Yes it is very simple and tasty but it is going to take around 20 minutes of your life to do it. Step 1: All Information in the Video Video: . Step 2: And Some Photos of a Ready Made One Enjoy your tasty break ...more

Forum Thread : How to Peel an Egg

Video: . Got too much time on your hands or want to impress your friends with a simple trick? This is how you peel an egg Russian style! Step 1: Hard Boil an Egg. Step 2: Make a Small Opening on TheTop Side. Step 3: Make a Bigger Opening on the Bottom Side. Step 4: Place Y ...more

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